Thursday, July 2, 2009

High School_TEFL

I'm very delighted to meet all of you from many different schools both from Phangnga and our neighbor - Krabi.

It's very thoughtful of you to attend this workshop because we could meet and share our teaching experiences as well as make friends at the same time.
Personally, it's my good opportunity to see my old colleagues again after working at PCC for 3 years.

However, I'd like to hear your voice about this workshop. Please enter this link and tell me your opinion.

Any suggestion is very welcome.

Below are some of your blogs created in this workshop :
1. Wannanee
2. Naruphorn
3. Panida( Ning)
4. Rachaya
5. Warawan
6. Panida Natawee
7. Phapawarin
8. Wisa
9. Supattra
10. Wanee
11. Wanpen
12. Kru Orm


  1. Khun Weena,

    This is amazing. You have made it interesting and attractive for the Thais to increase their confidence to learn English.

    By channeling English language tutorial into mainstream Computer applications surely whets the student's appetite.

    And the results from the list of students Blogs at this Post attests to the great job you're doing.



  2. aww... thank you very much Windy for your kind comment.I just tried my best to share what I learned. Hopefully, this can inspire TEFL to apply more of the Internet in their classrooms.